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The difference between acid and alkali resistant adhesive and conductive hoses usually requires anti-static hoses

Acid and alkali resistant rubber hoses are generally used in electrostatic suction situations to eliminate static electricity caused by friction, especially for solid materials such as dust, powder, fibers, debris, and particles that have wear. They are used for gas-liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or fabric fiber suction, and are used as anti wear and anti-static protective tubes.

Due to the friction between the medium and the pipe wall during the transportation of solid and liquid materials, static electricity accumulates and the friction between the medium poses significant hazards:

1. Discharge ignition of explosives, steam, mist, and powder mixtures;

2. Discharge passing through the human body can cause electric shock and unpredictable danger;

3. The process is interrupted due to the adhesion between the medium and the pipe wall;

In pipeline transportation applications, when measuring equipment and controllers fail, the protection method for static electricity accumulation is to choose appropriate hoses and acid and alkali resistant rubber hoses, all of which can achieve surface resistance.

The surface resistance should be at least 10 to the power of 9 ohms, and the surface resistance of acid and alkali resistant rubber hoses should be less than 10 to the power of 4 ohms. Under normal circumstances, in the case of dust or powder transportation, due to the influence of magnetic fields in the environment, static electricity will be generated when the medium comes into contact with friction. During use, things flowing through the middle will generate friction with static electricity, causing certain wear and tear to the pipeline in the long term, which is not conducive to the long-term use of the pipeline. At this point, anti-static hoses are necessary.

But if metal powder or certain flammable and explosive media are used, conductive hoses must be used to ensure the lifespan of the hoses and consider safety. Nowadays, the market is mixed with good and bad, and some unscrupulous merchants may impersonate ordinary industrial hoses as anti-static hoses. Due to the small difference in appearance, it is recommended that users provide third-party certification reports when purchasing anti-static and conductive hoses.

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