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Shield tunneling strip, also known as shield tunnel segment elastic sealing gasket, is a waterproof material used for the joint assembly of segments during shield tunneling construction. Currently, it is mainly divided into 1. EPDM rubber 2. Slow expansion type water swelling rubber 3. Composite materials of both. Universal name for elastic rubber sealing gasket of shield tunnel segments: water swelling rubber sealing gasket, EPDM rubber elastic sealing gasket, EPDM water stop strip
Product features:
Has good elasticity, aging resistance, chemical resistance, and ozone resistance.
Within a wide temperature range, it can exhibit excellent water stopping performance and excellent weather resistance.
Suitable for construction in low-temperature environments and cold regions.
Applicable scope:
The product is suitable for waterproofing and sealing the joints of assembled underground engineering pipelines.
Mainly used in infrastructure projects, underground facilities, tunnels, culverts, water conservancy, subway and other projects.

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