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Steel plate rubber waterstops are commonly used materials in engineering, including steel plates, copper plates, alloy steel plates, etc. They are mainly used in reinforced concrete structures, dams, and other large-scale projects. Steel plate rubber waterstop products, also known as CL-GB steel plate rubber waterstop in the industry, can be mainly divided into: ordinary steel plate waterstop, galvanized steel plate waterstop, stainless steel plate waterstop, with specifications of 200 * 2, 200 * 3, 300 * 2, 300 * 3, 350 * 2, 350 * 3, 400 * 4, 330 * 5, and other specifications. Customizable according to user requirements. Steel plate rubber waterstop, using steel plate waterstop, can change the water penetration path and extend the water penetration path. In construction environments where leakage water may contain corrosive components, metal plate waterstops can play a certain anti-corrosion role. In protective engineering, the use of metal plate waterstops can ensure the protective effect of the project. Metal plate waterstops are also commonly used in projects with high impermeability requirements and small areas, such as casting pits in smelters and electric furnace foundation pits. The section of the steel plate rubber waterstop adopts a non equal thickness structure, divided into a strong zone and a waterproof zone, to ensure that each part is uniformly and reasonably stressed. The wall of the expansion hole is flat, and during construction, the contact surface of the plate mold clamping is large and not easy to dislocate; The steel plate is connected to the steel reinforcement by adding installation holes, which are firmly fixed and not easily displaced. The good adhesion between galvanized steel plate and concrete enhances the waterproof performance.

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