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Reasons for damage to high-pressure hose assembly

The high-pressure hose assembly encounters problems during use, mainly due to the following factors:
1 In terms of production quality:
1. The high-pressure rubber hose has not reached positive vulcanization, and the manifestation is under sulfur or over sulfur. Due to the above two reasons, its various attributes and functions do not meet the requirements, resulting in problems during use.
2. The thickness of the rubber hose wall is uneven, especially the inner rubber layer has the greatest impact.
3. The steel wire weaving or winding process did not follow the design process, the weaving angle did not reach 54 degrees and 44 minutes, the steel wire weaving was too tight or too loose, and the deformation (elongation, shortening, or bending deformation) during the use of high-pressure rubber hoses (after pressurization) was relatively large.
4. Poor airtightness of the outer layer of adhesive leads to corrosion of the steel wire.
5. The poor sealing performance of the inner layer glue makes high-pressure oil easily enter the steel wire layer.
6. Insufficient adhesion between the adhesive layer and the steel wire layer.
2 Blind production, failure to make further improvements according to environmental or technical requirements, and failure to meet specific environmental or technical requirements for the performance of high-pressure rubber hoses. This aspect is rare, but whenever it is mentioned, attention should be paid.
3 Quality issues with matching compression joints:
1. The material of the compression joint does not meet the requirements.
2. The process design of the crimping joint does not meet the requirements.
4 The compression is not done properly, such as insufficient compression.
5 The high-pressure hose assembly was not installed properly and was not installed correctly.
6 The high-pressure hose assembly must be kept clean inside. If there are foreign objects (dust) that enter the pump or valve, it will affect the normal operation of other equipment and indirectly affect the high-pressure hose assembly.

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