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Precautions for handling and transportation of high-pressure rubber hoses

When transporting rubber hoses, they must be placed in the carriage in a circular or even position. Other goods should not be stacked on the hoses to prevent friction damage to them.
Acid, alkali, oil, and organic solvents should not be placed inside the carriage for transporting rubber hoses.
When handling rubber hoses with metal screws, be careful to handle them with care to prevent damage.
Rubber hoses should be stored in open-air freight yards, platforms, and docks. The site must be level, and the hoses should be placed neatly and covered with oilcloth.
Rubber hoses should be stored away from sunlight, rain and snow, kept clean, and prevented from coming into contact with goods such as acids, alkalis, oils, and organic solvents that affect the quality of the hoses. They should be kept 1 meter away from the heating device.
The temperature inside the warehouse should be maintained between -15-40 and the relative humidity should be between 50-80% during storage.
When storing rubber hoses, they should be placed flat. The stack of coiled rubber hoses should not exceed 1.5 meters, and the stack of straight rubber hoses should not exceed 1 meter. During storage, they should be flipped up and down once a season.

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