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What materials are used to make large-diameter rubber hoses?

The large-diameter high-pressure rubber hose is composed of a liquid resistant inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, 1, 2, and 3 layers of stainless steel wire hand woven layers, and a weather resistant outer rubber layer of butadiene styrene rubber. The inner rubber layer has the ability to withstand transported substances, ensuring that the stainless steel wire is not corroded while the outer rubber layer maintains that the stainless steel wire is not damaged. Stainless steel wire layer is a framework material that can improve the effect. The large-diameter high-pressure hose is made of special butadiene styrene rubber, which has excellent acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and aging resistance.

The large-diameter high-pressure hose is made of high-quality special butadiene styrene rubber compound and manufactured by mechanical equipment operated by technical electronic equipment. Under the necessary conditions of high quality and durability, this rubber hose is used in all places where various substances are transported without problems. Therefore, typical main applications are: marine technology, freight logistics, large and medium-sized storage tanks, steel and metallurgical industry, and construction industry.

The large-diameter high-pressure rubber hose is composed of a steel wire wrapped skeleton layer and an inner and outer oil resistant and corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber. It is used to transport hydraulic oil pipes for engineering machinery, subsea natural gas, petroleum, irrigation, steel mills, chemical plants, and other media.

Classification of high-pressure hoses: high-pressure steel wire braided hose, high-pressure steel wire winding hose, large-diameter high-pressure hose, steel wire (fiber) reinforced nylon elastomer resin pipe, steel wire reinforced hose, ultra large diameter high-pressure hose, high-temperature resistant hose, polyurethane hose.

High pressure hose structure: The high-pressure oil pipe is composed of a steel wire wrapped skeleton layer, internal and external oil resistant rubber, corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber, and wind resistant special rubber.

Application of large-diameter high-pressure rubber hose: used for excavators, loaders, overturning trucks, hydraulic assistance, hydraulic supports, cement conveying pipes, agricultural irrigation hoses, hydraulic oil pipes for construction machinery, subsea natural gas transportation, and oil transportation.

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