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Compared with traditional rubber and metal hoses, composite hoses have significant advantages

The manufacturing materials for chemical hoses are selected based on the different chemical media being transported. Therefore, the use of chemical hoses must pay attention to the following points. When using chemical hoses, it is necessary to choose a chemical hose that matches the conveying medium. After the use of the chemical hose, the residual medium in the chemical hose must be emptied, and clean with clean water or corresponding detergent according to the conveying medium.

After cleaning, according to the relevant data provided in the manual, wrap the dry curvature radius in a cool and dry place. Or stored horizontally. Before storage, protective covers with quick couplings should be used at both ends of the chemical hose to maintain internal cleanliness. When laying chemical hoses, the ground should be cleaned to avoid sharp tool punctures.

Avoid cross use of chemical hoses when conveying different media to prevent accidents. When using chemical hoses, if the medium being transported is flammable and explosive, the metal joint of the chemical hose must be grounded with the conductive wire to avoid static electricity accumulation and explosion caused by the chemical medium during transportation.

The performance advantages of chemical composite hoses. The use of chemical hoses is mainly used in the chemical industry, with a wide variety of materials and a wide range of applications. Therefore, it is gradually being accepted and used by people, and chemical composite hoses are mainly made of new materials, new processes, and new technologies. Compared to other traditional rubber and metal hoses, they have significant advantages.

Compared with rubber hoses of the same specification, chemical composite hoses are lighter under the same usage conditions and are very suitable for use in places with large mobile spaces, such as loading and unloading oil tankers and oil tankers.

Chemical composite hoses have good acid and alkali resistance because they are mainly made of synthetic resin fibers and are mainly made of materials. Therefore, it has good performance and usability in acidic and alkaline liquids, and is more advantageous than other hoses.

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