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Design principles for household use in oil resistant rubber hose factories, Grade III braided rubber hoses have no pressure on the hoses

Applied in the development and design of oil and gas fields, construction engineering, transportation, metallurgical industry casting, mining machinery and equipment, ships, oil tankers, injection molding processing machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery, various CNC lathes and industrial equipment, fully automatic hydraulic conveying hoses are the basic medium for transporting crude oil based on working pressure and temperature, such as mineralized oil, soluble oil, gear oil, liquid fuel, lubricating oil, and liquids based on emulsified oil, oil, emulsion, water, and liquid infusion pipes.

When selecting oil resistant hose manufacturers, they should fully consider which layer of metal hose with different specifications has different working pressures. When selecting hoses, the oil resistant hose manufacturer must first determine the working pressure of the system software, and then select the corresponding working pressure of the hose. If the system software needs to be frequently affected by work pressure shocks, it is necessary to increase the working pressure when selecting hoses with higher single pulse lifetimes.

When selecting the inner diameter of an oil resistant hose manufacturer, it is particularly important to fully consider its inner diameter size. A too small inner diameter will increase the flow rate of the medium, causing oil resistant hose manufacturers to heat up the system software, reducing its efficiency, and endangering the operating characteristics of the system software. An excessively large inner diameter will increase cost, so an appropriate inner diameter should be used based on the fluidity of the medium.

All oil resistant hose manufacturers have categories that allow for ambient temperatures. Suitable working temperature can ensure the service life and compressive performance of the rubber hose. If working for a long time outside the temperature range allowed by the rubber hose, a dedicated rubber hose needs to be purchased, or the manufacturer needs to add a special protective shell to the metal hose. If the medium being transported is quite special, it is also necessary to ensure that the rubber hose raw materials are compatible with the medium.

The commercial design principle for oil resistant hose manufacturers is that Grade III braided hoses have no pressure on the hoses, consume raw materials, expand the weight of the hoses, and enable manufacturers to reduce the bending deflection of the hoses. No standard can be used for production. Some old technical engineers in the company still use the old standards, so metal hose manufacturers still have candidates for this in their design proposals.

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