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Industrial hoses can be divided into three types: chemical hoses, hydraulic hoses, and high-pressure hoses

Oil resistant rubber hose refers to a rubber hose used in industry that is extruded through vulcanization and other processes. According to the application field, industrial hoses can be divided into three types: chemical hoses, hydraulic hoses, and high-pressure hoses.

Oil resistant rubber hose refers to industrial rubber hose mainly used for resistance to chemical liquids, which has the performance of resisting strong solvents and strong acid and alkali corrosion. Chemical industry hoses can be used to transport almost all known chemical substances, and they are widely used in the transportation of the chemical industry, paint and ink industry, and coating industry. Meanwhile, it can also be used to unload these organic solvents. Chemical industry hoses can also be used to store dyes, inks, paints, chemical solvents, and strong acids and bases. In the printing industry, chemical industry hoses are often used to transport oil-based or water-based inks.

Oil resistant rubber hoses are mainly used in construction projects and can be used for high-pressure liquids and hydraulic transmissions. Generally speaking, futures general tools use oil resistant rubber hoses, which can be used as transmission pressure sources for electric and manual hydraulic jacks. In this process, the media used are generally hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, primary water, air, and water-based liquids. At the same time, the temperature of different media varies according to the substance. The oil temperature is generally between minus 40 and 100 , the air temperature is between minus 30 and 50 , and the water lotion temperature is generally below 80 .

The application of oil resistant rubber hoses is quite extensive. In the coal industry, high-pressure industrial hoses can meet its constantly increasing requirements. High pressure industrial rubber hoses can not only be used for supporting purposes, but also for injecting water or grouting coal seams underground in coal mines. As the saying goes, high-pressure industrial rubber hoses are just in time; In the petroleum industry.

With the adjustment and deployment of the country's marine strategy, the requirements for oil operations are becoming increasingly stringent, and high-pressure industrial hoses are once again showing their sharpness. High pressure industrial hoses meet the exploration needs of offshore and shallow oil fields in the petroleum industry; In the metallurgical industry, the excellent performance of oil resistant rubber hoses in high pressure, high temperature, and aging resistance makes them highly favored; In the agricultural and water conservancy industries, the superior performance of oil resistant rubber hoses, which are durable, convenient, and fast, makes them deeply popular.

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