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How to select the appropriate hydraulic hose model

In our daily work, we can see many problems that we encounter when communicating with clients. These problems have not been resolved and we are unable to provide reasonable and appropriate quotes for clients, which troubles us; Customers themselves may feel distressed if they do not understand this aspect and do not know how to analyze the specifications of the rubber hoses they need. Today, Huilong Hydraulic will answer the problems encountered by producers and customers one by one through a few questions, so that everyone can have ease in their future production and life.
Below, we will list three common problems that we often encounter to clarify our doubts:

Example 1: Is the rubber hose selected according to the size of the pump interface or the method of selecting the inner diameter of the rubber hose in the sample?

Answer: Rubber hoses are identified based on their inner diameter, and the outer diameter of rubber hoses from different manufacturers varies! We can choose the rubber hose joint based on the pump interface model. That is to say, what you need is a hydraulic hose assembly, not just a hose, but also a joint. If there are still differences in the connection between the hose assembly and the pump, it is possible to consider adding a transition joint between the two. In fact, the general design involves adding a transition joint between the hose assembly and the valve block to ensure the safety of the connection.

Example 2: Relationship between inner diameter of rubber hose and pressure:

Answer: The pressure borne by the rubber hose is inversely proportional to its diameter. The rest of the formula varies depending on the structure of the hose, such as high-pressure steel wire wound pipes, braided pipes, etc., which are directly proportional to the tensile strength of the material or reinforcement material, and directly proportional to the thickness or quantity of the material or reinforcement material. Next, we need to consider different material thicknesses and tensile strength adjustments based on different structures.

Example 3: Knowing the size of the pipe joint, how to choose a hydraulic hose?

Answer: When we know the joint size, such as 18 x 1.5, we can first understand the inner diameter of the rubber hose, which is to use an inner diameter of 8mm rubber hose; A pressure of 14MPa can be achieved by using a single-layer steel wire braided hose. (The national standard pressure for this pipe is 17MPA). This is how we can infer one by one and immediately know the rubber hose we need.

Previously, we didn't know how to analyze the data provided by customers to provide quotations. Now, through this analysis, everyone should know how to provide quotations for customers, and customers will also understand the specifications of the rubber hoses they need.

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