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What are the characteristics of chemical industry hoses?

Lightweight composite hoses are lightweight. Compared to similar specifications of rubber hoses, it is 40% lighter and 30% lighter than metal hoses. Reduce the labor intensity of workers, facilitate operation, and improve work efficiency. It has good flexibility, can be bent, and is not limited by workspace. This utility model can still work normally under a small turning radius, and in its bending position, the inside of the tube always remains circular, which may cause folding. Phenomena such as inner wall detachment and pipe cracking.

The working pressure of lightweight composite hoses can reach up to 4.0MPa, and the negative pressure can reach 0.1MPa. Therefore, it has good durability and negative pressure performance. Good temperature resistance. When used between -30 and 120 , it will not harden or soften due to changes in climate or usage temperature.

The curvature radius of chemical industry hoses is 1/3 times that of rubber hoses and metal hoses, while composite hoses can still function normally under smaller turning radii. In their bending parts, the pipes remain circular and never fold.

Lightweight, chemical hoses are about 40% lighter than rubber hoses of the same caliber and length. Good flexibility and easy to bend. The curvature radius of chemical industry hoses is 1/3 times that of rubber hoses and metal hoses. Composite hoses can still work normally under small turning radii. In their bending parts, the inner wall of the pipe remains circular and will never fold, fall off, block, or fold the pipe body.

Good resistance to positive pressure. Chemical industry hoses have good compression resistance, and when the fluid suddenly exceeds pressure, they will not burst, but will only cause the pipe body to wriggle. The high working pressure can reach 4.0Mpa.

Chemical hoses with good temperature resistance can be used in environments ranging from -40 to+130 , and the hoses will not become hard or soft due to temperature changes; The operating temperature can reach up to 180 .

Excellent performance. Chemical fiber hoses are used in chemical products, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, acid-base and other liquid media, and have good performance. When metal hoses and rubber hoses cannot be used, using composite hoses is an ideal choice.

Its performance indicators include smooth inner wall fiber mesh reinforced PVC composite materials, petroleum gasoline aromatics diesel, etc. Its performance characteristics include smooth inner wall with fiber mesh reinforced polyvinyl chloride composite mesh, resistance to petroleum gasoline aromatics diesel, copper wire, and pipes that meet ohmic requirements; In fact, oil hoses are mainly used for transporting gasoline, lubricating oil, etc. in high-pressure environments.

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